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Montezuma's Daughter

This historically-based work of fiction comes from the imagination and historical research of  H. Rider Haggard, the author of, “King Solomon’s Mines”, and, "She”. "Montezuma's Daughter" (La hija de Motecuhzoma) is the fascinating adventure of Thomas Wingfield. Besides taking place in England and Spain, the story shows us a small part of how the indigenous world was swept away by the Europeans to create what they considered, "The New World". Wingfield barely survives the Spanish inquisition, a shipwreck and slavery to eventually become involved with Montezuma/Motecuhzoma's daughter.

Now that my translation of, "Twelve Years a Slave", has been published, this is the work that I am currently translating and preparing -
"La hija de Motecuhzoma".

The episode in history when Cortes, in the name of King Carlo V of Spain, conquered what one day would become Mexico has interested me for quite some time. It caught my eye when I saw that this work by H. Rider Haggard had not been translated to Spanish, because he was a very good and popular author, having penned, She and King Solomon's Mines. I had read quite a bit on the conquest that Cortes carried out (in fact, the theme of my master's thesis was going to have to do with Malintzín, Cortes' interpreter, but I decided to follow a different path for my thesis) and I wanted to see how Haggard might treat the subject matter which takes up a good part this novel that I was thinking of translating. When I read "Montezuma's Daughter", it was clear to me that Haggard had really done his research well. Being that the subject matter interests me so much and with a well-researched work (although I saw that I would  still have to make a number of changes for twenty-first century readers,) I knew that I had found my next novel to translate. Now that I have finished translating and have published, Doce años de esclavitud, I will be able to get to work on Haggard's novel and I am sure I will greatly enjoy translating, editing and proofreading it. I hope to complete, '"La hija de Motecuhzoma", and have it published by spring, 2016.


"The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible" 

"La única manera de descubrir los límites de lo posible es aventurarse más allá de ellos hacia lo imposible." 
 - Arthur Blake, British science fiction author, inventor and futurist.

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