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About me

My name is Davitzín (pronounced, Dah-veet-SEEN) José Rochelero and my main passion is the Spanish language., although you can tell by my photo that I love Latin American music as well. I fell in love with the language before I finished my very first lesson and immediately declared a major in the Spanish 
language. I ended up traveling to Costa Rica and Guanajutao, Mexico, before finishing my undergraduate studies.

After traveling to a number of countries in Latin America, and studying in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, I decided to pursue masters degree studies, during which I spent a semester in Guadalajara, Mexico. Having now completed master's studies and obtaining my Master of Science degree in the Spanish language, I am ready to concentrate on translating your novels from Spanish to English and those that you need translated from English to Spanish, as well as helping to translate your apps to Spanish. 

Before and during my graduate studies I designed the curricula for and taught continuing education Spanish at Normandale Community College, in Bloomington, MN. As well, I taught a few sections of college-level intermediate Spanish classes at Normandale. Along with those classes I realized that there is a great need for clinic personnel to be able to communicate with their Spanish-speaking patients, so, I also designed and taught beginning Spanish classes for intake personnel and nurses at Park Nicollet clinics in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area of Minnesota.

I have traveled to and spent time studying in Costa Rica, México, Honduras, la República Dominicana, Venezuela and Guatemala, with voyages being planned in the coming year for Colombia, and Sevilla, España. While in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, I had the pleasure of helping on two medical missions, sponsored by Los Médicos Voladores, as an interpreter. Along with that I spent time as a volunteer translator for the international humanitarian organization, Intermón Oxfam.

Besides teaching Spanish, I have worked as a proofreader of the Spanish translations of the web pages for a large insurance company. Currently, I am spending 100 per cent of my time translating novels and other works from English to Spanish. When the right opportunity arrives, I will also be translating works from Spanish to 

Another passion of mine is Latin-American and Spanish music. Along the path that I have blazed for myself I have learned how to play various percussion instruments and spent almost 5 years as a member of the Cuban Salsa band, Salsabrosa. I still play in the band when I am able to and it always brings joy to my soul. In the Spanish classes that I teach I always use Latin-American and Spanish musics as a "break in the action."  Everyone loves music and every culture in the world has music and dance as an integral part of their culture.

¡Vamos a bailar!


"Nunca es tarde cuando la dicha es buena."

"It's never too late for joy."

Spanish proverb
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